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Friday, 2 July 2010

Preparing a Visit to the Monastery

Is it possible to make a visit to the monastery to discern my vocation?
Yes of course you can come to visit with the intention of discerning a vocation. But we ask you to prepare your visit by making yourself better known to us.

The internet gives instant information and rapid communication of ideas. Some people are therefore taken by what they read about a religious vocation and prepare to visit before they have given themselves a period of time for mature consideration. A religious is for life.

Before a visit is confirmed we ask you to write a letter or an email about yourself including:
your age, marital status, physical address and telephone number:

Send this letter to:

The Vocation Director
Golgotha Monastery Island
Papa Stronsay, KW17 2AR
Scotland, UK

or to the following email address:
kontactr @

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